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The Buyer Experience

I've created a series of educational videos with you, the home buyer, in mind. My goal is to give you additional tools and insight that can lead to your success in buying a new home.
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Michael David Davis
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Why Your Agent Matters

It isn’t just personality. Watch this video to learn more about why your agent matters in your real estate transaction.

Why Your Agent Matters
Not All Lenders Are Created Equal

Not All Lenders Are Equal

Your lender choice will make a difference when it comes to getting your offer accepted by a seller. Watch and learn about finding the right lender for your real estate transaction.

Understand Financing

Learn about the differences between Pre-Qualification, Pre-Approval, Full Approval and Cash. This video will put you in a better position to write an offer.

Understanding Financing
Why Search Engines Aren't Enough

Search Engines Aren't Enough

When looking for a new home, search engines just don’t tell you the whole story. Find out how you can fill in the missing pieces of your home search.


Learn about the three big contingencies and how to think about their use in a competitive market.

Writing An Offer Letter

Writing an Offer Letter

Did you know that writing an offer letter may actually hurt your offer? Learn more here.

Charlotte Market Report

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